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Cabinet Painting is Easier Than You Think
Before you begin cabinet painting, prepare your cabinets. If they’ve been painted before, sand them down to smooth the surface and fill cracks with wood filler. Allow this to dry, then clean off all dust from the surface. Remember, even small dust particles can find their way into your paint. You don’t want to risk ruining the paint job. Before you begin, read the painting instructions carefully. These steps are critical to the successful completion of cabinet painting.

When applying paint to cabinets, always tip-off the paint in the direction of the grain of the wood. If you paint your cabinet in a horizontal or vertical direction, tip-off the paint in one stroke, following the grain of the wood. If your cabinet has rails that butt into the stiles, paint the rails first and overlapped rails and stiles before the overlap dries. You can also pour extra paint back into the can.

The most expensive cabinet painting prices are in Washington state, where wages are high, the housing market is booming, and demand for contractors is high. As a rule, home improvement websites tend to understate the costs of cabinet painting, but it’s still important to remember that these costs can quickly add up. On average, minor kitchen renovations earn a return of 83 percent. That’s a great return on your investment, and a resale value of your home is higher than you might expect!

After you’ve carefully prepped your cabinets, you can paint them to match the rest of your decor. While it’s a great way to refresh your cabinets and change up the color scheme, remember that paint can only last for a limited period of time. As a result, cabinet painting will depend on how thoroughly you do it. So take the time to read the instructions carefully, and don’t rush! It’s easier and less expensive than replacing your entire cabinet set.

Before you begin cabinet painting, you should prepare the kitchen and bathroom. Clear countertops and appliances so you won’t paint over them. Remove the hardware from cabinet doors and label drawers before you start painting. Then, you can select the paint and primer. Also, make sure to pick paint accessories and drop cloths. Once you’ve prepared all of the tools and materials, you can begin the painting process. The entire project should take you no more than one weekend.

The time it takes to paint kitchen cabinets can vary greatly. While the total time may be the same for every homeowner, the prep work should be included in the overall time. A less experienced interior painter may take longer to complete certain steps or speed through others. A reputable painting contractor will take the time necessary for the job to be completed correctly. However, the final result will be worth the wait. As such, it’s important to find a reliable painting contractor to handle the project. If you’re painting your own kitchen, it can take two weeks.

After you’ve prepared your cabinets, it’s time to pick a paint. A good choice is Benjamin Moore Advance. This product is one of the most durable cabinet paints available. Scuff-X, which comes in satin and semi-gloss finishes, lays out nicely on cabinetry, and is highly resistant to scratches and dents. Its washability makes it a smart choice for kitchens that need a durable finish.

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